Reading Challenge!


Reading Challenge

How many books will you read in 2018?

Many people set goals for how many books they will read during the year. It’s a fun way to measure one of the most important activities for a writer: reading. Reading challenges like this one encourage people to read books outside their usual choices. The goal for this challenge is to read at least one book from each category by the end of 2018.

Reading is enjoyable, mind-expanding, and relaxing for anyone, but is essential for writers. Writers improve not only by learning about writing techniques, but by reading, enjoying, and analyzing good writing. Here is a reading challenge designed especially for writers. It goes beyond just books about the craft of writing to include categories of books that can help improve your writing indirectly.

How to keep track of your reading

You can certainly record what you read in a journal, on index cards, in a document on your computer, or in a program such as Evernote, but consider using Goodreads, an online website. You can use Goodreads to find books you might want to read and mark them so you don’t forget. You can also keep track of books you’ve read and even write reviews for them. If you like, you can share your reading habits with friends, and see what they’re reading as well (this is optional). If you have the app on your phone, you can scan covers or barcodes for books while you are in a library or bookstore, and Goodreads will pull up the book, and show you reviews and whether the book is on your “to read” or your “read” lists (if you’re using Goodreads to record your reading habits). This is a lifesaver if you find it hard to remember what you’ve already read.

Where to start

Click here for a downloadable copy of the reading challenge: Challenge Category List. Choose a category that feels right for you and find a book you haven’t read that fits it (no fair listing books you’ve already read!). Get suggestions from local booksellers and librarians. Follow the Cat & Mouse Press Facebook page for suggestions of books that fit various categories and feel free to suggest books in the comments areas for posts about the challenge. You might even start the challenge by reading a few Cat & Mouse Press books! You will find books that fit categories 1 (perhaps), 3, 4 (maybe), 8, 10, and 16 (possibly). Follow our Facebook page and this page for specific suggestions.

Will there be prizes for the reading challenge?

Yes! Let us know when you reach the reading challenge goal (or how you did by year-end). We will have prizes for first to reach the goal (or most categories completed if no one reaches the goal), best participation (suggesting books to others, sharing the reading challenge post on your Facebook feed, posting interesting content related to the contest, etc.), and funniest/most creative match of book to category. Announce your participation in the comments section on the Facebook post or email us.

So, are you in?