Beach Mysteries


Beach Mysteries short stories

Beach Mysteries Anthology

What is a beach mystery? Is it a mermaid washing up on shore? A beach cottage with a spirit? A murder on the boardwalk? A painting with a past? Beach Mysteries includes mysteries of many kinds. You’ll meet hit men, ghosts, and crime solvers. Find long-lost treasure, encounter figures from the past, and watch tourists in distress. This anthology, the eighth in the Rehoboth Beach Reads series, contains twenty-two short stories, all set in and around Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


Thalassotherapy, Carolyn Eichhorn (1st Place)

A Stitch in Time, Chris Jacobsen (2nd Place)

A Killer White Paint, Rich Barnett (3rd Place)

Tiny Solves the Case, James Gallahan (Judge’s Award)

Catching Up, Susan Towers (Judge’s Award)

The Dripping Man, Will Eichler (Judge’s Award)

Thaddeus Zoon—Mayhem on the Ferry, Teresa Berry (Judge’s Award)

Hiawatha’s Smile, Doug Harrell (Judge’s Award)

The Sound of Lightning, Kim Biasotto (Judge’s Award)

Baba’s Flying, Paul Geiger

Not Your Ordinary Thanksgiving, Sarah Barnett

Treasured Time, Michele Connelly

Canary Creek, Justin Stoeckel

Mystery at the Lilac of the Sea, Caren Pauling

Murder at The Sea Wall, Pat Valdata

Clubhouse Showers and Sleepless Hours, Doretta Warnock

What Lies Within Us, Sarah Beth Harris

The Ship to the Grey Havens, Linda Chambers

The Mermaid of Rehoboth Beach, Jennifer Walker

Circles, Tara A. Elliott

Bus to the Beach, Kathaleen and Terrence McCormick

Teething Toddlers Tell No Tales, Rachael Tipperman


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