Beach Days


Beach Days, a collection of short stories about Rehoboth Beach

In Beach Days you’ll meet a researcher who conducts a project to find romance and encounters an unexpected variable, a woman seeking solitude who learns that things aren’t always as they appear, a man who gets postcards seemingly from his dead wife, and a couple of elderly ladies who break out of the old-age home for one last fling in Rehoboth.


Opening the cover of Beach Days is like unlocking the door to a beloved beach house. Waiting for you is a welcoming gathering of stories, each waiting to entertain and envelop you in its own way. Love stories, mysteries, family reminiscences, friendly connections, ghostly tales, even time travel—they’re all here, sprinkled with humor, studded with iconic Rehoboth landmarks, and, more often than not, culminating in happy endings. What better way to spend an afternoon than sitting under a rented beach umbrella, or curled up on your sofa at home, and savoring the delights in this anthology.

–   Rachel Simon, bestselling author of Riding The Bus With My Sister and The Story of Beautiful Girl.

A tidy collection of Rehoboth beach stories to read on the beach. The selection is varied, from humor to sadness, from fiction to reminiscence. Every story deserves to have been included. The book is nicely produced with attention to fonts and page structure. The cover is simple but evocative of the theme. A great book for measured reading.

– Delaware Press Association judge, when giving Beach Days the first-place award for short story collection in 2015.

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Stories include:

  • Chance Meeting, Thomas F. Linehan, Jr.
  • The Magical Suit, Lynnette Adair
  • Salting the Beach, MaryAlice Meli
  • Beached, Jean Youkers
  • The Break Out, Katherine Melvin
  • Family Beach Week A to Z, Renay Regardie
  • Somewhere Between Crab Cakes and Cocktails, Jeanie P. Blair
  • The Debutante Learns to Drive, Matthew Hastings
  • I Do, Glory Aiken
  • New Beginnings at the Beach, Barbara Nuzzo
  • Oksana and Carly, Fran Hasson
  • Time in the Sun, Terri Clifton
  • Beach Daze, Margaret Farrell Kirby
  • The Dead Man’s Sendoff, J.L. Epler
  • The Wineglass Clue, Nancy H. Linton
  • Synchronicity, Gail Sobotkin
  • Witchy Women, Connie L. McDowell
  • Waiting for Summer, V.K. Dorner
  • The Tell-Tale Coin, Wayne Hughes
  • Molting, Kathleen L. Martens
  • Seven Scenes, Hyl Norman
  • Haiku Kites, Robert Hambling Davis
  • Face-to-Face(book), Judy Shandler
  • Second Wind, Lisa M. Coruzzi

Nancy Sakaduski

Nancy (Day) Sakaduski is an award-winning writer and editor who owns Cat & Mouse Press and runs the Rehoboth Beach Short Story Contest. She helps writers perfect their short stories and prepare them for publication, and curates a free weekly online newspaper, Writing is a Shore Thing ( Nancy is the author of 24 books, including How to Write Winning Short Stories. She founded Cat & Mouse Press to create “playful” books with a connection to the Delaware shore and provide a way for new and emerging writers to have their work published.