You Know You’re In Reboboth When


A playful book for adults who “know” Rehoboth

Whether you’re here for a week, a season, or a lifetime, you know you’re in Rehoboth Beach! How do you know you’re in Rehoboth? The dogs are smaller than the martinis, you won’t get ketchup with those fries, and happy hour starts at 9am. These and more idiosyncrasies of Rehoboth are captured in Seth Pala’s comical illustrations and Nancy Sakaduski’s amusing text.

Whether you are a visitor or a local, you will recognize the unique charm of Rehoboth in this hilarious book, which captures the fun, familiar oddities, and inside smiles of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. You’ll laugh out loud at the hurricane preparations (moving the vodka to the second floor), traffic nightmares, and the joys of the hot sand two-step.