The Beach House


There’s something for everyone here, from romance, history, and intrigue to jilted brides, NASCAR drivers, cowboys, and even a ghost or two.

2014 Summer Bestseller!

Reader Comments:

“This is a great variety of stories, all of which are pretty light and breezy for an ideal beach companion! Loved it!!!”

“This is a perfect read, not only for taking to the beach in summer, but on cold days when memories of summer beach fun have enough warmth to make you smile.”

“The book was very interesting and I could almost picture myself in some of the stories. I’m ready for the next book to be printed. I can’t wait.”

“This is the perfect little book to throw into your briefcase, purse or bag and take out any time you only have enough time for a short story or so. No matter what genre you enjoy, you’re going to find it in this little gem; it has a bit of everything!”

“A miserable Midwestern winter made easier with memories of Rehoboth! Thank you.”

“Loved the book – so many memories.”

“This was a great read! Please do it again! Thanks so much!”

“Fun to read!! They were all fantastic!”

“I love this book. It is the perfect beach read. It has something for everyone.”


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Stories include:

  • Why You Trashed Vera Wang, Nancy Powichroski Sherman
  • Innocence, Emily Genshaw
  • Cocktail Croquet, Rich Barnett
  • A House for All Seasons, Ellen Collins
  • Right Before His Eyes, Tiffany A. Schultz
  • The History Lesson, Deb Griffin
  • The Ghost of Henlopen Avenue, Heather Lynne Davis
  • The Replacement, J.L. Epler
  • Turned Right, Mark Mobley
  • For Sale, Nancy H. Linton
  • The Guy in the ’67 Chevelle
  • Refuge, Renay Regardie
  • The Attic, Bob Ackerman
  • The Summer of Your Discontent, Sarah Barnett
  • Betty Lou’s Beach House, Beth Langston Bishop
  • Old Timer, Cathy Heller
  • Outside Shower, Ellen McCathran
  • Fair Warning, Dennis Lawson
  • My Life as Ballast, Fay Jacobs
  • The Cat’s Whisker, Tom Ingram
  • No Magic Words, Nancy Powichroski Sherman
  • Carolina Street, Margaret Farrell Kirby
  • Galoots, Joseph L. Crossen