Beach Nights


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In Beach Nights, readers will encounter a ghostly WWII tower and a couple with an unusual annual tradition; a girl who finds her voice at a jazz club and a boy who learns the snow cone king has a secret; an old lady who is inspired to get a tattoo, and a despondent man who is resurrected through the tango.

Beach Nights opens with a funny and romantic story involving a high school prom, and continues through tales that involve a mermaid’s moon, a “Vampire Surf Club,” senior disco queens, a seemingly haunted Funland ride, a murder at a Rehoboth hotel, a moonlit sea turtle rescue, and a kid who sneaks into a James Brown concert and meets the man himself.

Winner of 4 awards from Delaware Press Association:

Short Story Collection (1st place)

Book Editing (1st place)

Single Short Story “Flight of the Songbird” by Kathleen Martens (first place)

Single Short Story “Cooking Lard and Candle Wax” by Rich Barnett (second place)

Single Short Story “The Portrait” by Robin Glanden (third place)

Single Short Story “The Attitude of Gratitude List” by Robin Glanden (honorable mention)

“Narration ebbs and flows as do beach waves. Themes of stories vary from nostalgia, to historical, from madcap to poignant…this slim but chock full collection should be on the nightstand in every hotel, inn and B&B in Rehoboth. Excellent presentation.”  – Judge for the 2017 Delaware Press Association awards

Stories include:

Flight of the Song Bird, Kathleen Martens

Tower Sixteen, Phil Giunta

The Vampire Surf Club, David Strauss

Storm Surge, Terri Clifton

Stacy Fischer Can Dance the Tango, Lonn Braender

Cooking Lard and Candle Wax, Rich Barnett

Jazzed, Connie McDowell

Salt Air Evenings, Mady Wechsler Segal

Burning for Rehoboth, Tom Minder

Good Vibrations, Kristin Norton

Nudge, Cay Cutright

The Portrait, Robin Hill-Page Glanden

The Last Day of Summer, David Yurkovich

Melvin and the Haunted Mansion, Weldon Burge

Benny, Joey Masiello

I Remember It Was Fun, Catherine Reed

The Attitude of Gratitude List, Robin Hill-Page Glanden

Fifty-Five, Mark Polo

The Triple Mary, Maria Masington

Finding Poe, MaryAlice Meli

Senior Dance, Shelley Johnson Carey

Mermaid’s Moon, Jeanie Blair

Partners in Crime, Joseph Crossen

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