Beach Pulp Call for Submissions


Submissions for Beach Pulp are closed.

Thanks to everyone who submitted to the Beach Pulp book. Here is the list of accepted stories:
A Day at the Beach With the Gramthrottle Max Family by Weldon Burge
A Million Tiny Bites by Dora Sears
Call Again by Dennis Lawson
Hook, Line, and Sink Him by Maria Masington
I Fell for an Ice Skating Alien by David Strauss
Missing in Rehoboth by James Gallahan
Moonwalker by David Cooper
Mystery of the Missing Girl Sleuth by Barbara Norton
Night Flyer by Chris Jacobsen
Operation Steamed by David Strauss
Rehoboth Beach in Crisis by Carl Frey
Sam Shade, Private Eye by Jackson Coppley
Smash Bronson by Steve Myers
Summer of the Gods by Jacob Jones Goldstein
Tapestry by Phil Giunta
The Celestials by Phil Giunta
The Dark Ride by Linda Chambers
The House that Wouldn’t be Sold by Nancy Sherman
When Worlds Collide by Patrick Conlon

Introducing Beach Pulp, an anthology of amazing stories set in towns along the Delmarva coast.

Beach Pulp book

Beach Pulp Call for Submissions

Beach Pulp will be a collection of short stories that take place in the Delmarva beach region and are reminiscent of the tales in vintage pulp magazines (e.g. Amazing Stories, Black Mask, Weird Tales, Dime Mystery, and Argosy). We’re looking for fun, campy beach reads that mimic the style of those old stories. The book’s cover will reflect this retro look, as shown in the sample cover above.


  1. Submission must fit one of the following genres:
  • Sci fi (aliens, spacemen, robots, rocket ships)
  • Fantasy
  • Western
  • Magic, Supernatural, Ghosts
  • Retro Crime/Gangster/Hardboiled Detective/FBI/Secret Agent
  • Pirates/Mermaids
  • Superhero/Superpowers
  • Heroes and Villains
  • Action/Thriller
  • Horror/Weird Menace
  • Retro Romance (especially 1920s-1930s)
  • Damsel (or Gentleman) in Distress
  • Crazed Animals/Monsters
  • Adventure/Swashbuckler
  1. Stories must be set in or connected to one of the following towns: Bethany Beach, Dewey, Ocean City (MD), Rehoboth Beach, Cape May (NJ), Lewes, Fenwick Island, Assateague/Chincoteague, OR take place in the waters/air space near one of those towns.
  2. Mentions of actual places (restaurants, inns, museums, stores, etc.) is encouraged, but keep descriptions positive. If description is disparaging, create a fictional location.  All characters and character names should be fictional.
  3. No graphic sex.
  4. All work must be original and free from libelous material (a signed release will be required). Previously published stories are allowable, if the author owns all rights.
  5. Story length should be 750–4,500 words.
  6. Work must be submitted via email, preferably in Microsoft Word, to
  7. Work should be as free from grammatical, spelling, and structural mistakes as possible.
  8. Writers retain copyright but must grant one-time publication rights if their work is selected.
  9. Story selection will be made by the publisher and the associate editor, with input from volunteer readers. There is no guarantee of publication.
  10. Publisher reserves the right to provide developmental editing, if needed, and to edit for grammar and spelling; writers will be given an opportunity to review/approve changes before publication.
  11. The deadline for submissions is August 31, 2018.
  12. Authors whose stories are chosen for publication will be paid $50 or $75 (depending on story length) for one-time use of the story (author retains rights) and will receive one free copy of the published book.
  13. Authors will be allowed to purchase additional copies of the book at a 30% discount, with no minimum or maximum. No purchases or fees are required.

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