Summer signing party for The Boardwalk at Browseabout Books July 12, 2015

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Cat & Mouse Press publishes interesting and entertaining books, runs the Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest, and provides resources for writers. Come play with us!

Cat & Mouse Press                        Come play with us!

First Prize: The Break Out, Katherine Melvin
Second Prize: Dead Man's Sendoff, Jen Epler
Third Prize: New Beginnings at the Beach, Barbara Nuzzo

Judge’s Awards:
Face-to-Face(book), Judy Shandler
Family Beach Week A to Z, Renay Regardie
Molting , Kathleen Martens
Oksana and Carly, Fran Hasson
Chance Meeting, Tim  Linehan
Waiting for Summer, V.K. Dorner

Editor’s Pick:
Seven Scenes, Dawn Norman

Other Accepted Stories:
Haiku Kites, Bob Davis
The Debutante Learns to Drive, Mat Hastings
Time in the Sun, Terri Clifton
Witchy Women, Connie McDowell
Salting the Beach, MaryAlice Meli
Telltale Coin, Wayne Hughes
Beached, Jean Youkers
The Wineglass Clue, Nancy Linton
The Magical Suit, Lynnette Adair
Somewhere Between the Crab Cakes and Cocktails, Jeanie Blair
Second Wind, Lisa Coruzzi
Synchronicity, Gail Sobotkin
I Do, Glory Aiken
Beach Daze, Margaret Kirby

Winners of the 2015 Rehoboth Beach Reads Short Story Contest

Just in! Great new board book for toddlers.

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Jessie, from Browseabout Books, is very excited about A Rehoboth 1-2-3 !